Communication is the Key

Prices for Translations

Translations are charged according to standard lines or standard pages. The final price is determined by the number of standard lines or pages of the target text.

One standard line contains 50 characters (incl. blanks)
One standard page contains 
1,800 characters (incl. blanks)

The prices per line / page depend on the text's degree of difficulty and on the number of pages to be translated. Thus the following prices are orientation prices only. I will be happy to submit a precise offer upon receipt of the source text.

Prices per Line:

- general texts: 1.10 €
- certificates: 1.50 €
- technical texts: 1.70 €

Prices for Notarisations:

For each translation a lump-sum of 15,- €  will be charged in addition to the price for the translation.

Prices for Interpretation Services:

- liaison interpreting: 60.- € / hour
- consecutive interpreting: 80.- € / hour
- whisper interpreting: 80.- € / hour
- simultaneous interpreting (booth): 600.- € / day
- half-day's rate simultaneous interpreting: from 300.- €

Please Note:

Simultaneous interpreters always work in a team of two. I will be happy to help setting up the interpreters team.

Prices for Editing:

- proof reading / editorial reading: 45.- € / hour
- editing: 55.- € / hour
- text design, conception of texts: 55.- € /hour

Prices are net prices.

Prices for interpreting services do not include transportation costs, expenses and conference technology, if needed. These costs will be charged in addition.