Communication is the Key

Consecutive Interpreting:
Consecutive interpreting is the oldest kind of interpreting. The interpretation is carried out with a delay, i.e. the interpreter uses a special technique to take notes during the speech, if necessary, and then produces the target text. The individual parts of the text can be of different length and normally comprise a longer coherent text segment.

Oral transfer of spoken texts.

Liaison Interpreting:
Interpretation of negotiations and discussions.

When deeds or documents are needed for official procedures, authorities often demand notarised translations. Only certificated and generally sworn / authorised translator are allowed to notarise documents. Notarisations are official confirmations that the translation is correct and complete. 

If the translated deed is to be used abroad, some countries demand a so called apostille. An apostille serves for overnortarising the signature of the translator by the president of the county court located at the translator's residence. 

Public Service Interpreting:
Interpreting in courts or agencies. Depending on the corresponding federal state; the interpreter has to be generally sworn or authorised.

Simultaneous Interpreting:
Simultaneous interpreting requires conference technology. The interpreter works in a soundproof booth and receives the speaker via headphone. The interpretation, which is carried out at nearly the same time (i.e. simultaneously), is transmitted by a microphone to the headphones of the audience.

Technical Translations: 
Translation of technically demanding texts such as manuals, instructions for use, scientific essays, etc.  

Whisper Interpreting:
Whisper interpreting (also chuchotage, from French "chuchoter" for "to whisper") is a special form of simultaneous interpreting, however, no technical equipment is needed. The interpretation is carried out for a maximum of two persons.  The interpreter sits between or behind his auditors and interprets in a very low voice. This is very exhausting for the voice and can thus not be done over a longer period of time.